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“We have different gifts according to the grace given us…” Romans 12:6a

God has given us each purpose, and a way to carry this purpose for the good of others. For myself, it is working in health care, and for Ken it is his ability to problem solve everything from repairs to resolution for problematic situations.


“If it is serving, let him serve…” Romans 12:7a

We have both found that many times we are called to go outside our comfort zones to help the greater good of an organization as big as Love A Child. Guiding others through the difficult health system here, lead devotions, make house calls to remote villages, rationing out fuel to the workers on the campus. Each job no matter how big or small is a chance to show our willingness to be obedient to a call.


“…If it is teaching let him teach” Romans 12:7b

Although we do not want to come with a message of, “our way is better”, because there are some beautiful cultural difference we never want to disrespect, there are work ethics, technical innovations, and moral codes which need to be addressed. We pray God gives us strength to discern with His wisdom what is needed to be re-taught, and when we can encourage their culture.


“If it is encouraging let him encourage…” Romans 12:8a

Never have we found our faith more taxed and called on as we deal with a people who are Old Testament people with lots of rules for living, and little grace, or people who are burdened by the fear of Voodoo. In a land with so much poverty it is difficult to explain the hope we have in Christ Jesus. To encourage hope to the hopeless.


Our View of Haiti

Our Mission

Barbara and Ken MacMannisGod told Abraham in the 12th chapter of Genesis he would be blessed for his faith and obedience.  This Scripture speaks to us in a big way as we both recall a discipleship course we took in early 2000.  All through the 2 year course we were brought back to the theme – “Blessed to be a blessing”.

What does that mean to a person in the 21st century?  What does it mean for us personally?  As we grew in our faith, and we were open to what God was showing us we found the path He was leading us to – the mission field. He blessed us with God given talents, a wonderfully supportive church family, and people who have been willing to mentor us through all types of life lessons regarding the long term mission field.  We have been blessed by all those people to be a blessing to others.

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From Our Latest Blog

The gate opens, and the faces look toward it in hope.Living by Faith

Return to us, God Almighty! Look down from heaven and see! Watch over this vine,”    Psalm 80:14

The year ended with a bang, quite literally, as a faulty electrical connection caused a small spark, and a lot of smoke in the Jesus Healing Center clinic.

It was mid-morning, and the clinic was already filled with patients.  The staff in the pharmacy began to see the room fill up with smoke.  As the pharmacy employees ran for the exits, another employee ran to my office to report the fire.  Simultaneously the nurses and the staff members were evacuating the patients in the Emergency Room, just off of the pharmacy, who were incapacitated.   These patients were helped to the safe zone in front of the malnutrition clinic along with many others.  The emergency call went over the 2 way radio, and the fire department from Miracle Village was on the property on 5 minutes...

To

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The Latest from Haiti

Families crowd the vaccination clinic as a feeling of panic over takes the villages when news of the impending epidemic is heard.The Changing Face of Death in Haiti

It seems as though out of the blue 4 cases of Diphtheria appeared in our clinic.  As quickly as possible, the patients were transported to Port Au Prince hospital for therapy.  One of the three children died, and we were on our way to trying to control a rising epidemic...

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The two different faces of MalnutritionMarasmus is a form of malnutrition which is a complete lack of nutrition and calories.  A child literally wastes away to nothing.

We are called to be a blessing to others, and in fact, we are blessed to be a blessing.  The staff at the Jesus Healing Center understands this, and we are thankful to have partnership in discovering better ways to help in dealing with the continued problem of malnutrition in our area...

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About Love A Child

We have been partners in ministry with Love A Child since August 2014, and feel blessed and affirmed by God in the work we do at the Fond Parisien, Haiti campus.  The co-directors, Bobby and Sherry Burnette, have been great encouragers and supportive of our work here.  Under the direction of Pastor Bobby and Sherry, we and other year around missionaries serving at Love A Child, are able to help improve life here in Haiti for the poorest of the poor.

Love A Child, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, and once again winners of a four star award given by Charity Navigator, itself a nonprofit, and watchdog for the many charities of the world.

If you are feeling God urging you to be part of building His kingdom on earth through the love and service to the poor please check out the website of Love A Child for more information on how you can be a blessing to those in need.

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About Stuart Congregational Church

We have been members of Stuart Congregational Church since 1998.  When we first joined we found the nurturing we needed to grow in our faith, and the love of brothers and sisters in Christ.  Through the years as we have been on our faith walk we were invited and encouraged as we served in different areas of the church.  From Sunday school teaching to serving on boards, and even attending the School of Ministry at PBAU, the church has always stood by us.

When we expressed an interest in long term missions the church was also behind us with prayer and financial support.  We consider them our family in every sense of the word.

If you are living in the Stuart area we would encourage you to visit Stuart Congregational Church whose motto is; “Where faith and love are one”, and be part this spirit led church.

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